Categories & Voting

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Prize Categories

Prize Categories:

  1. Best overall cache (Trophy)
  2. Best Park and Grab (Trophy)
  3. Best use of the theme (Trophy)
  4. Best Embracing Winter Spirit
  5. Greatest effort put into a cache
  6. Most likely NOT to be muggled
  7. Most fun to find (Trophy)
  8. Easiest find
  9. Longest hike
  10. Most family Friendly
  11. Greatest Stealth Required
  12. Biggest Cache
  13. Hardest Cache to Get to


For Cachers:

  1. Most caches found
  2. Most FTFs
  3. Best story
  4. Furthest travelled to get to event
  5. Geo-car pulled out of ditch multiple times

You must be present at the Wrap Up event to claim your prize .  Prizes will not be mailed out.

Online Voting

Voting for your favourites in the above categories will be done online using Google Forms. Please wait until you have finished finding caches in the event before going to the form to cast your votes.

Voting will open Thursday February 27 and will close Saturday February 29 at 08:00 A.M.

Click  VOTE   to vote on line for your favourite caches.

            Voting is now closed.

Please note:  Wi-Fi will NOT be available at the Wrap Up.