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Event Caches Associated With CARW2020

The Wrap Up event cache page is the way that “CARW” is announced and, as such, is usually published three months ahead of the "Event".  However, as a geocaching event cache cannot be held to find caches, the wrap up event cache is for discussing winter caching and awarding prizes.  Through out the seven day CARW event other associated event caches are hosted, to socialize, tell stories, and warm up before and after a day's caching.  Below is a list of event caches associated with CARW2020.  To visit the event cache page click on the event title below.



Hosted By

Event Description

Phileas Fogg's Night of Puzzles - CARW2020 ZeiraZeira An optional pre-kick off event in Whitecourt to allow cachers both local and from afar to join forces to work together on CARW2020 mystery caches which will be released just prior to this event.  
The Kick Off Event - CARW2020  GEAA A planning and preparation get together to solve puzzles, plan finding routes, form teams, and to generally meet people and discuss the event.
Around the World in 7 Days. Start your engines! CARW 2020 protonspinner This event is to provide cachers with an opportunity to meet their team members to car pool, fuel both your body and your plane, train or automobile. Don't forget to fuel your snowmobile too. You will have time to get a quick bite, your large coffee and zoom out to stand over your target FTF cache.
Tales and Tiny Donuts CARW2020  GeoGuider A get together Saturday night to warm up with coffee and a bite to eat and to tell tales about the day's adventures.
The Wrap Up Event! - CARW2020  GEAA The CARW2020 announcement cache page and wrap up party event.
Sledding Around the World - CARW2020  JREnarson An optional event in Camrose where geocachers can pull out their toboggans and sleds, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.